Kielbasa ringsAll of our sausages are hand-made using the finest ingredients and stuffed in natural casings. If you have a special request for a type of sausage that isn’t listed, let us know.  Our menus change every day, however, here is a partial list of the varieties we’ve served from the Wiener Wagon:


Andouille Sausage— cajun spices

Bacon Sausage— black pepper, brown sugar, cure mix

Bacon Cheddar Hog Dogs — the supreme all pork frank, with bacon bits & cheddar

Boulevard Pale Ale Bratwurst — sage, celery seed, mace, white pepper, beer

Chorizo Rojo— cayenne, crushed red pepper, cumin, garlic, paprika

Chorizo Verde — black pepper, poblano, jalapeno, spinach, cilantro, pepitas, tequila

Garlic Sausage — garlic, black pepper

Ginger Sage Breakfast Sausage — garlic, white pepper

Green Chile Sausage  — chiles, baja seasonings, valentina, pacifico

Spicy Italian Sausage — paprika, coriander, fennel seed, black pepper, cayenne

Jalapeno Cheddar Kielbasa — fresh garlic, white black & red pepper, jalapenos, cheddar

Manchego, Spinach & Spanish Olive

Jamaican Jerk Pork – Warm & spicy seasonings, peppers


Italian Chicken – spicy or mild

Buffalo Chicken — cayenne, black pepper, frank’s red hot

Chicken Andouille – cajun spiced

Chicken Apple Sausage – sage, warm spices

Pepperjack Chicken – baja spices, peppers, peppered jack cheese

Turducken (turkey, chicken, duck) — onion, celery, sage, parsley (every fall)

Sundried Tomato Chicken

Jerk Chicken

Chicken Pear Gorgonzola

Garlic Chicken – sometimes simple is the best


Corned Beef Sausage — garlic cloves, pickling spice

Pastrami Sausage – beef, garlic, coriander, pepper, smoked to perfection

Frankfurters — garlic, mustard, paprika, coriander, white pepper

Cheeseburger – needs no explanation

Bulgogi – Korean beefwurst

Beef n Blue – beef & blue cheese


Lamb Gyro – onion, garlic, rosemary, spices




Mixed Plate – homage to KC – BBQ spiced chicken, pork & beef, smoked

Meritage – if you have to ask…


Vegan – cauliflower, walnut, wild rice & spices stuffed in a vegan friendly casing

Roasted Carrot – it’s a cooked carrot on a bun!


Need patties or fatties?  All of our varieties are available in bulk form too.